Preschool and Elementary Classes


Columbia Academy 1 (Thunder Hill)
Discovering Science – Mondays 3:30 pm | Digital Explorers – Mondays 4:00 pm

Columbia Academy 4 (Kendall Ridge)
Discovering Science – Tuesdays 3:30 pm | Digital Explorers – Tuesdays 4:00 pm

Columbia Academy 5 (Maple Lawn)
Discovering Science – Mondays 3:30 pm | Digital Explorers – Thursdays 4:30 pm


Science Encounters | Winter Session 2016

Light & Color Fun (Grades K - 2nd)
Use lasers and fog machines to see light bounce off mirrors.  Can you set up a mirror maze to be sure that the light lands on the clock, the trash can, or your partners knee? Use reflected light from mirrors to create mystery words that only you can decode.  Use special green or red goggles to read secret messages and then learn how to make your own secret messages.  Bend flexible mirrors to create distorted images that you would see in a fun house: faces that become long and thin or wide and fat.  Design and make your own kaleidoscope that has constantly changing pictures.  And actually see the colors of the rainbow by looking through special glasses at regular light.  Please join us for this colorful look at light and all its spectacular properties.

Get Wired (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Are you ready for a hair-raising experience?  In this class on electricity, students will work with a Van de Graff generator to make their hair stand on end and to create lightning.  We will experiment with various chemicals, foods, and even our bodies to see which ones conduct electricity.  Students will learn first hand fuses “blow”, create nerve-racking devices to test their steadiness, make bananas spin using static electricity, and dissect and build electric motors.  Finally, students will work with LED’s (Light emitting diodes) to make mystery circuits stump their friends.  Be sure to plug into this class!

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