Murray Educational Services offers awesome hands-on science enrichment classes.

We enable children to be natural inventors and explore science and technology in a creative and supportive environment. We have been conducting programs in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area for 7+ years. In the summer we conduct for day camps and recreation and park programs.

Antoinette Murray, Executive Director has 23+ years as a preschool – elementary and science/technology educator. She attended Indiana University of PA and earned a BS Degree in education.

  • Scientifically sound curriculum
  • Age appropriate & challenging
  • Classes that foster a child’s natural curiosity  & interest about their world and how it works
  • Opportunity for children to test their own ideas through use of the scientific method
  • Increase a child’s enthusiasm for learning through exciting challenges & hands-on experiences
  • Supplements the classroom curriculum
  • Designed to meet the challenge of improving the science & technology skills of our students
  • Classes are not only educational, but fun
  • Curriculum is a 3-year cycle, so it follows our students from preschool to middle school


“Our children get very excited when they know that this week we are going to have Discovering Science. We have parents that switch their child’s day just to make sure their child is here on Discovering Science day. Our teachers love the program and many times will ask the Discovering Science teacher questions about the lesson for future reference. We love the program and are glad to have this type of extended science program at our school.” – Director of a Preschool in Howard County

“I can’t wait 'til science. We get to learn and make a lot of cool science things.” 
– Child Participant (1999 - 2000 school year)

“My son before he participated in Science Encounter classes, was struggling in science with a C average. After he participated in one eight week Science Encounters class, his grades went from a C to an A in science. Thank you Science Encounters for building a spirit of confidence and excitement in the area of science for my son.” – Parent (1999 school year)

“It is so exciting teaching different science lessons and seeing the children as excited as you about learning neat things.” – Teacher for Discovering Science & Science Encounters